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"Dublin has always been famous for the gaiety and splendour of its court, the opulence and spirit of its principal inhabitants, the valour of its military, and the genius of its learned men'' .
Handel's biographer on why the composer had Messiah performed for the first time ever in The Music Hall, Fishamble Street, Dublin on 13. April 1742. "Dublin'' by Maurice Craig.

"The Penal Laws, introduced by the Irish Parliament against Catholics, exceeded in malignence the persecutions of antiquity.'' Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784). Poet, lexicographer.

"A nation can never die as long as its language lives''. On a monument in the Czech Republic. BBC Radio 4.

"Shakespeare's plays are bad, but yours are worse''. Leo Tolstoy (1828-1912) novelist, in conversation with Anton Chechov (1852-1904), dramatist.

"The Irishman's house is his coffin". From Mr. Bloom's stream of consciousness at a Dublin funeral. Ulysses. James Joyce (1895-1941).

"You grew up learning not to boast or show off. Today, all is vanity; if you've got it, flaunt it. The sound of the new millenium is a shriek for attention". Terry Wogan, broadcaster."The Times''(T2) 4,.Nov. 004

"If we live influenced by wind and sun and tree, and not by the passions and deeds of the past, we are a thriftless and a hopeless People'' Thomas Davis, (1812- 1845). Young Irelander, Founder, editor, of "The Nation" newspaper.

''I think; therefore, I am''. Descartes (1596-1650), French rationalist. ''I am; therefore, I think''. G. B Shaw (1859-1950) Irish-born dramatist.

''Hunger makes people completely different. A mother wants the death of her child, a husband his wife's''. Anna Zelenskaye. Leinningrad siege,1942. Timewatch, BBC