Iris na Gaeilge    Eanáir 2005         uimh 8


WINCHESTER. This event, organised by Coláiste na nGael, was very interesting. About 35 were present from London, Southampton, Lancashire and Devon. Christy Evans gave a conducted tour of the Cathedral in Irish, and Dónal Ó Ceilleachar conducted a class (for all standards) earlier.

GUERNSEY. The three-day event, 23rd, 24th, 25th, October was highly successful. 35 flew from Gatwick . The weather was warm and very suitable for walking and sightseeing. There were plenty of opportunities to converse in Irish, at all levels. Local people of Irish birth were surprised to hear Irish spoken, and gladly joined in Gaelic conversation. The nearby island of Herm was visited. It has no motor traffic. It has archeology from 2000 BC.

Some of the staff and students of Coláiste na nGael at Guernsey in October 2004

Guernsey Oct 2004

BASINGSTOKE. A surprise Irish language weekend was organised by Neil on 8th December. Enthusiasts came, at short notice, from London and Southampton, as well as locally. This was on 8th Dec.

CHELMSFORD. The remarkable growth of the Le Chéile class, conducted by Christy Evans twice every month, is so encouraging. One would hardly have expected to find 20 learners and speakers of Irish in this rural area.

Some of the staff and students of C na G at Guernsey in Oct 04

MANCHESTER. For the first time ever, a significant Forum was held in Manchester on 6th November. Organised by Tomás de Paor, it had a wide agenda, was well attended, and aimed at solving some of the Language's problems and expanding its scope and appeal. The Irish language can be said to be flourishing in the Manchester area now.

STIPERSTONES. A week-end is being planned by Fran O' Brien at this scenic Shopshire village for 4th March 2005. It is expected that some of the findings of the Manchester Forum will be ventilated and discussed here. It promises to be a very interesting event .Tel: 01743 7929 93 (Fran).

BALA ( and Fron-Goch ) on 11th and 12th June2005. This weekend, organised by Coláiste na nGael, will be the first event in Wales. There will be classes and talks. Bala is a beautiful spot in the North Wales region. It is also beside Fron-Goch where many of those who participated in the 1916 rebellion were interned. A book "With the Irish in Frongoch" by Michael Staines, made interesting reading. Write to Christy Evans, Shenfield High School, Alexander Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 8RY. Or; 01480 450412. There are only a few places left.

DINARD. This ancient town in Brittany will be the scene of Coláiste na nGael's next overseas weekend. The premises have been inspected and booked. More details Christy Evans, Shenfield High School, Alexander Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 8RY. Or; 01480 450412.There is a light from Gatwick to Rennes. There will be liaison with Breton- speaking groups in the area.

CANADA.'The Society of the Gaeltacht (Cumann na Gaeltachta) is making good progress in the purchase and equiping of a considerable plot of land which is to become their future Gaeltacht at Kingston, Ontario. Details of this were given in our last issue. Further information: Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh, Physics, RMC., Box 17,000 Stn. Forces, Kingston, Ont., Canada K7K 7B4. Or kenny- 613-541-6000

Additional information from: Coláiste na nGael; Dónal 0280 348 5016 or 01480 450412.