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"I despise and hate myself every hour for engaging in such dirty work "

Lord Cornwallis, (1738-1805). When preparing Ireland ("bribery and fraud ") for the Act of Union with Great Britain, 1801.

"To possess another language is to possess another soul", Dr Mandlebaum, a character in a John Le Carre novel.

"The Swedes have been neutral for nearly 200 years. Yet, we were once the greatest warrior race in Europe ".
Leoine Frieda. Swedish historian, in Daily Telegraph, 6 Dec 2003.

"The State is you and me and the man around the corner".
Tom Kettle, Nationalist, MP for E.Tyrone. Killed on the Somme 1916.

"Cromwell was very bad, but the drink was worse. For a good many that Cromwell killed should go to
Heaven. But those that are drunken never see Heaven ".
Lady Gregory's 'Kiltartan History Book'.

" It is not from the corruptible that Ireland has most to fear, but from the corrupters who themselves remain incorrupt ".
John Beresford, in a letter to James Gandon , architect , in 1795. From 'Dublin', by Maurice Craig.

"A single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer ". Gotthold Lessing (1729-1781). Dramatist.

"Three things defined President Kennedy's reign:
a ) His handling of the Cuban crises in 1962 .
b) His civil rights initiative to give justice to the Blacks.

c) His successful moon project.
Also, like President Roosevelt, he attended Harvard rather than Yale."
BBC Radio 5 (40 years after his death).

"Joyce stretched the language beyond rational containment, until ceasing to be English, it became a fantasy of his own creation".
Sir Ifor Evans, in ' A Short History of English Literature'.

" There is not an event in Irish history-down to the 17th. century- that the first enquiry of the student must be……" What do the Four Masters say about this?"
Dr. Douglas Hyde, (1856-1950). Dramatist, scholar, Gaelic League founder

"There is no such thing as bad publicity, except your own obituary".
Brendan Behan, ( 1923-1964) Dramatist.

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